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Jeevinaya Massage Beruga

Indonesian Heritage Healing Massages

Experience the restorative power of healing hands when you enjoy massage therapies at Jeeva Beloam. Inspired by our rich cultural heritage, the Jeevaniya Massage Beruga offers a variety of natural traditional Indonesian massage treatments. Relax and enjoy Indonesia at its best with traditional massages from the archipelago that have been handed down from generation to generation.

~Soft Treatments~

Urut Jawa Javanese Massage

An ancient traditional healing massage from Java, an island steeped in mystery, culture and ritual. This treatment uses push and stroke techniques, focusing on easing muscle and joint pains and improving blood circulation.

60 minutes       IDR 345,000
90 minutes       IDR 395,000

Pijat Bali Balinese Massage

A massage practiced for hundreds of years by the local Balinese. The technique combines gentle stretches, skin rolling and the unique Kecak elbow slide creating a delightful vibrating sensation across your back. The treatment creates a relaxed state of mind, reduces stress and rebalances the body. A perfect treatment for those with sleep disorders.

60 minutes       IDR 375,000
90 minutes       IDR 435,000

~Strong Treatments~

Micet Madura Maduranese Massage

A classic healing ritual from the island of Madura. Done on a floor mattress, this unique treatment involves strong foot pressure on the legs and back with muscle stretching to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

60 minutes       IDR 375,000
90 minutes       IDR 395,000

Ngurut Sasak Sasaknese Lombok Massage

The most traditional local technique that combines kneading, long strokes, stretching, acupressure, skin rolling and pressure by the palm and thumb. The goal is to improve your blood flow and enhance your “Qi” or centre of energy. This massage that will calm your senses and fill you with deep relaxation. Recommended only if you who are accustomed to very strong therapeutic pressure massages.

60 minutes    IDR 485,000
90 minutes    IDR 539,000

Kerokan Jahe Indonesian Ginger Graze Massage

Indonesia’s best kept alternative healing secret for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Intended to open your pores for better blood circulation, the treatment starts with a massage to relax muscle tension, followed with gentle chafing, using fresh slices of ginger, on your back, chest and over the contours of your rib cage. Please note that you may have red marks temporarily on your skin after this treatment that could last for a couple days depending on your condition at the time of the treatment. This is a common Indonesian treatment for “masuk angin.”

60 minutes       IDR 335,000
90 minutes       IDR 339,000

Please note: All spa treatments are subject to 21% government tax and service charge.