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Experience Indonesia’s Best Beaches

Voted one of “The World’s Top Ten Best Beaches” by Harper’s Bazaar, UK  the gorgeous white sands of Jeeva Beloam grace the coast of a forestry reserve.

Incredibly private, Jeeva Beloam is perfectly positioned on a sandy-bottomed private cove visited only by the occasional fisherman, leaving a land untouched where you can truly experience nature’s beauty. Enclosed by a high, steep hill to the northeast and Beloam’s Umang Island to the southwest, Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp guests enjoy a broad, fine white sand beach ideal for sunbathing and taking in some of Indonesia’s most dramatic scenery.

Both of Jeeva Beloam’s white sand beaches, with the smaller beach surrounded by cliffs and located on the west side of the cove, face the Alas Strait and are separated by a rocky headland.

Scuba & Snorkel

Just bring your camera! It’s possible to snorkel right off the beach in front of Jeeva Beloam, marveling at the wide variety of colorful tropical fish that live in the rock and coral gardens in the southwestern section of the cove between our hotel’s south beach and in the shelter of Umang Island. 

Many of our guests prefer to snorkel off a local fishing boat in the calm waters of Tangsi Bay while enjoying the unique beauty of  the Pink Beach or the white sand Segui Beach. The Pink Beach is  a short drive or 4 km hike from Jeeva Beloam.

Please note: It may not be possible to snorkel directly off our beach if we are experiencing high winds. During windy periods we are happy to take our guests to Pink Beach or Segui Beach for snorkeling.

Jeeva Beloam’s guests often take excursions to the Pink Beach and the surrounding area, including to the Japanese cannon emplacements at the tip of Tanjung Ringgit. The mixture of sand and red coral on the seabed at the Pink Beach provides an excellent hiding place for fish of all kinds with world class snorkeling and diving.

Jeeva Beloam is the only resort located on the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula  and our guests have full access to the many sandy beaches that line the peninsula.

Experienced divers can swim or dive off the low cliffs of Umang Island immediately in front of Jeeva Beloam and along the coast of Tanjung Ringgit to the south of the beach camp. Due to the nature of the ocean current patterns in the Alas Strait we recommend caution when diving in this area and require that all guests be accompanied at all times by an experienced, certified diver licensed by an internationally  recognized agency (PADI  or other internationally recognized agency).

Our Camp Hosts will be happy to accompany our guests snorkeling at Jeeva Beloam or the Pink Beach. Diving excursions can be planned in advance or at Jeeva Beloam. It is also possible to dive in Ekas Bay. Diving excursions are subject to an additional charge.

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Surf & Sand

World class surfing for both beginners and advanced surfers is within easy proximity to Jeeva Beloam. The waves of Indonesia’s south Lombok coast remind many longtime surfers of Bali before its popularity boom, and our beachfront hotel is proud to call some of the area’s best waves ‘home.’

Beginner surfers should start in the inside area of Ekas Bay, just 20 kilometers across the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula from Jeeva Beloam. The outer area of Ekas Bay offers more challenging waves for advanced surfers.

Jeeva Beloam works with experienced surfers to arrange day surfing trips upon request and at an additional charge. It is also possible to dive in Ekas Bay.

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Sea kayaks are available for the use of our hotel guests.

Although it is possible to kayak off the beach in front of Jeeva Beloam, we recommend that guests pursue their water activities from the nearby calm waters off the Pink Beach or Segui Beach. Here the large bay is protected from the currents of the Alas Straits and Indian Ocean. With views of the rugged mountains of Sumbawa, the bay is  dotted with small islands and overlooked by Lombok’s Gunung Rinjani, providing a unique and interesting landscape.

There are many deserted white sand beaches around the bay offering a place to rest or enjoy a picnic.


Fishing is more than just catching fish, it is a ritual encompassing preparation, location, timing and the rhythm of casting and reeling in the line.

In many respects, catching a fish is more a bonus than the goal. It is possible to fish from the rocks anywhere surrounding the cove in front of Jeeva Beloam, with fishing recommended on the Alas Strait side of the rocky shelf surrounding Umang Island.

Fishing from the small cliff on Umang Island requires both speed and decisiveness and knowing when exactly to reel in the line. Delay in pulling in the line means the fish will likely hide behind the corals making it very difficult to actually catch the fish and, as likely as not, results in the fisherman cutting the line. Fishing from the low cliffs at Teluk Temeak is also possible.

Our Beach Camp’s helpful Camp Hosts are more than happy to supply rod, reel and tackle, as well as to point out the most enjoyable fishing spots.