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Sun, sand and surf are the main ways to while away your days at Jeeva Klui. We welcome guests to take a dip in the warm surf of the Indian Ocean or to enjoy the privacy of the plunge pools in our Akasha and Amra villas.

Our luxury infinity pool is a communal place for guests to gather and exchange stories of their time in Indonesia and Lombok, sunbathe on the warm timber deck or take laps for exercise – the pool is nearly 25 meters in length.

For the enjoyment of all our guests, please note that no flotation devices, balls or other water toys are permitted in the infinity pool, with the exception of flotation devices attached to children’s arms.  We recommend booking a villa with private pool for families that would like their children to be able to use water toys.

We also feature a newly opened adults-only pool, as well as a cold pool and sauna, in the spa compound.


Indonesia’s beaches are legendary. With more than 17,500 islands and 80,000 kilometers of coastline, there’s surf, sun and sand for everyone.

We are proud to be the only true boutique beachfront resort along Klui Beach on Lombok’s mountainous west coast, approximately five kilometers north of the Senggigi Beach tourist area. Our own 170-meter coastline is more secluded than other local resorts. As a result, our guests have more privacy and encounter far fewer beach hawkers.

Take in the dramatic views, enjoy meals, sunsets and ocean breezes from your privileged place on our own nearly private beachfront. Our guests love to linger.

Scuba & Snorkel

Swim, splash and dive from Jeeva Klui. Ideally located along Lombok’s scenic west coast, our perfectly-positioned resort offers 170 meters of nearly private beachfront and one of the best reefs in the area. Our helpful staff is more than happy to provide snorkeling equipment

Enthusiasts will love the nearby Gili Islands, an easy day trip from Jeeva Klui. Gilis, or “small islands” in Sasak, are plentiful along the Lombok coast, but the most famous of the archipelago are known as the Three Gilis: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

In 2014, Lonely Planet named Gili Trawangan, home to more than 3,500 marine species, as one of the top ten places in the world to learn to dive. And it’s just a day trip from Jeeva Klui!

Hotel staff is happy to coordinate diving trips and transportation for our guests. We’ll work with you to determine your experience level and help select a company that matches with your ability – many are even willing to pick you up right from our beach!

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Guests shouldn’t just be content to gaze upon the waters of the Indian Ocean during their visit to Jeeva Klui. They should get out and experience the magic of Indonesia and the Lombok coast firsthand.

Let us arrange a boat and guide to take you out to explore the many natural wonders around us. Jeeva Klui is located near the Wallace Line, the  natural demarcation line between Asia and Australia first recorded by the famed British naturalist Alfred Wallace. Wallace was the first to discover many of the area’s most notable natural species, as well as the division of flora and fauna that occurs between Asia and Australia. Wallace strongly influenced the work of Charles Darwin and his studies of the Indonesian archipelago and its flora, fauna and culture, make for fascinating reading.

Our staff is happy to coordinate dive trips to the Gili Islands with local diving companies and also day trips by boat to the Gili’s, offering knowledgeable, English-speaking local tour guides who can offer the best locations for snorkeling and other water activities, share key historic and cultural facts about Indonesia, and even point out the best beaches for private sunbathing.

A day trip to the Gili Islands for snorkeling, diving, or even just for lunch, is available by fast boat from Sengiggi.

We’ll also be happy to organize a traditional Indonesian fishing boat excursion with local guides that offers our guests a  one-of-a-kind experience

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The calm, warm waters of the Lombok coast make for smooth adventures for novices and experienced kayakers alike.

Kayaks can be rented at Cafe Paradiso, a short walk up the beach from our nearby sister resort, Jeeva Santai. For a longer kayak trip out of Mangsit Bay, we recommend that our guests hire a guide to accompany them on their adventure.

We can also  arrange for a tour company to escort our guests to  nearby Blue Bay for a personal adventure or a guided tour, taking in the sights and sounds around the Balinese Hindu temple at Batu Bolong, one of the more sacred spots for Lombok’s Hindu community.


Experienced and novice surfers alike flock to Indonesia’s Lombok coast for its warm waters and wide range of surf-able waves.

Our staff can direct surfers of all levels to challenging breaks and scenic landscapes, including directly in front of our nearby sister resort, Jeeva Santai on Mangsit beach, or a day boat trip to the ever popular Desert Point, which reminds many riders of the Bali of several decades prior.

Avid surfers may want to consider a joint stay at Jeeva Klui and our sister resort, Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp. Both offer unique wave experiences perfect for a variety of levels.

Our team can also coordinate board rentals  and  facilitate surf lessons.

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